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Uniting, Striving , Fighting for Excellence:RSH Team Activity in 2022 was Successfully Completed

Time:2022-10-30 16:20 Source:Original

On Oct.28-29, RSH team members from  Taizhou and Shanghai got together to participate in two-day team building activity in Tongli, Suzhou.

On the first day, at the beginning, there was an inner meeting. Mr. He (Eric), the leader of RSH, talked to all of the members about RSH’ s mission and long-term plan. He keyed up the team for  shouldering  the responsibility  and making greater  contribution . Other group members made self-introduction one by one later, for this was the first time for all of RSH members met each other. They also shared their thinking about RSH, and made some advice  for developing of RSH. After the  meeting,  they took part in a special and passionate  Djembe  (A kind of African drum) learning. Everyone enjoyed it, showed their talent,  and experienced an amazing original African culture. In that evening, they had a feast and made a short tour in Tongli ancient town.   

The second day was very awesome too. A professional trainer introduced RSH people to a gentle and brave sport, fencing. After  training  a while, they were  divided into two groups: “ Chi Tu ”vs “Di Lu”. There were two competitive games later. All of the members were on their mettle. Finally, “Di Lu” team won the games.


“Two-day team activities refreshed me, and I would work better with my partners.” One of RSH people said. Other people expressed the similar opinion, and said the activities impressed them.

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