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Because focus, so professional

service 产品及服务

Because focus, so professional
Taizhou: Manufacture Base

Muti-processes and technology services

1.Optimization on the feasibility of product and fabrication in advance

2.Prototype parts developing and rapid model service

3.Design and manufacture on plastic mould and progressive tool of metal

4.Design and assembly on automatic line for production

5. Molding for high temperature resin ,and metal punching, and precision machining,VM

6. Smart line of  assembly : ultrasonic  welding, Glue sealing, Coiling, PCBA, inspection on line;

7.Professional packaging and logistic service

Shanghai : Business Centre

Rongsu (SH) as a window of contact between customer and market, its main working be responsible :

1  .Market Development and Strategic Cooperation Making with clients

2  .Preparing of RFQ and documents of Contract Making for clients

3  .Questions of Tech/Quality answer for customer team

4  .Logistic Service(examples timing alining, delivery booking etc.)

5  . Regular visiting and feedback for improvement internally

Ningbo : Additional plating partner

Ningbo Fu Feng is our special partner corporate, which is specialized in chemical plating area. Currently there are 4 reel to reel plating line, 3 automatic barrel plating line, 2 automatic rack plating lines. Advanced treatment system can meet environment emission standards level. 

Plating ways: Reel to Reel Plating; Dip Plating; Selective Plating; Spot Plating; Wheel Plating; Brush Plating; Barrel & Rack Plating.

Plating elements: Au(hard & soft); Silver; Copper; Ni; Tin (Matt & Bright); Chrome +3; Nip; Ternary Alloy Plating.

Sub-materials: Iron; Carbon steel; Stainless steel; Fine Copper; Brass; Phosphor Bronze; Copper-Iron Alloy;  Zinc- Aluminum Alloy.

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