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Because focus, so professional


RongSu(TaiZhou)Elec-Science-Tech Co., Ltd  was established in Sep 2017. Our corporation  has been engaged  in  developing, design, fabrication & Assembly for structure of functional product in Elec field. Most of our products are applied to brake control, chassis control, elec-media, intelligence -sensor. At the same time, we also have lots of service and management in telecom and medical machine market. Our company has a experienced team in precision manufacture , they could do best support  from design, quality control ,intelligence fabrication, and management.


To SH 225 KM ;
To SZ 155 KM;
To HZ 305 KM;
To NJ 166 KM;
To YC 128 KM;
To NT 110 KM;
To HF 330 KM
Transportation by high speed railway to SH around 1.5 hours;
To Airport of YT 60 KM
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